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I specialize in tactics, systems and processes – and thinking big

I am good at analyzing, finding patterns and structure (or faults within them) and  give honest, but constructive feedback and suggestions. I am experienced in helping others understand modern technology and improve their business / daily lives. I do have a very pragmatic and hands on approach and love to help people understand how all of this works.

Often heard compliments from clients are:
“Thanks! Finally I am able to understand this!” to
“Hmmm, never thought of that, you ask challenging questions” or “Wow, never saw it that way”.

Customers praise me for helping them understand digital marketing / social media as well as process / workflow thinking. For this we usually have an initial workshop with assessments and training, often followed up by regular checkups and expert knowledge / support through mail and skype. In Berlin I also do in person coaching in the company / startup.

You are generous with your knowledge and our one day session had me profoundly visualize my on-line business model in a manner that I believe saved me at least one years worth of growing pains.
João Duarte, The Strategy Guy


  • Masterclasses + Inhouse Training and Coaching
  • tactical analysis, development and feedback on concepts + products
  • training & workshops f.e. in Social Media and how to connect the dots
  • advisory boards, mentoring, coaching
  • sparring partner and sounding board
  • ‘think international’ – helping startups and companies understand why going international is not complicated
  • influencer  community outreach in Europe / Germany

I do provide services in German and in English. I grew up in Germany which allows me to understand the European perspective. Services can be provided via virtual conferencing, phone or in person. Feel free to drop me a mail with your request, I am also happy to forward it to my network if what you need is not what I provide.