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I specialize in tactics, systems and processes

While there is always a need for strategy, tactics are not paid enough attention to. As soon as you know why you want to be on any of these services, you still need to understand how to deploy and run them efficiently and effectively – this is where I can help with a combination of a passion for teaching how stuff works, a talent for seeing structures and procedures plus deep knowledge of tech and biz. The overview of my speaking at conferences over the last few years provides an insight into my usual topics.

Customers praise me for helping them understand social media as well as process / workflow thinking. For this we usually have an initial workshop with assessments and training, often followed up by regular checkups and expert knowledge / support through mail and skype. In Berlin I also do in person coaching in the company / startup.

You are generous with your knowledge and our one day session had me profoundly visualize my on-line business model in a manner that I believe saved me at least one years worth of growing pains.
João Duarte, The Strategy Guy


  • Masterclasses + Inhouse Training and Coaching
  • tactical analysis, development and feedback on concepts + products
  • training & workshops in Social Media and how to connect the dots
  • advisory boards, mentoring, coaching
  • sparring partner and sounding board
  • ‘think international’ – helping startups and companies understand why going international is not complicated
  • blogger / community outreach in Europe / Germany

Areas covered for example (but not limited to):

  • Facebook Fan page services and creation
  • Facebook Training and Consulting
  • Social Media Setup of tools like Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and co
  • Social Media Management and Workshops / Bootcamps
  • Google Plus / Google Plus Business Pages
  • microblogging / corporate twitter / enterprise microblogging

I do provide services in German and in English. I grew up in Germany which allows me to understand the European perspective. Services can be provided via virtual conferencing, phone or in person. Feel free to drop me a mail with your request, I am also happy to forward it to my network if what you need is not what I provide.


If you want to learn a bit more about me, read on.
Sometimes I wish I would have a two word description of what I do and just spoke one language – it would make my life so much easier. :) To understand better how I can be of service to you, I provided some background below.

I do have a very pragmatic and hands on approach and love to help people understand how “this internet thing” works. This presentation is a good example for my style: “10 Ways to Grow Your Audience“.

But I am not limited to beginners; having an extensive background in both corporate and SMB I can easily adapt to different requirements.

What I am good at:

Besides loving to teach, I am good at analyzing, finding patterns and structure (or faults within them) and  give honest, but constructive feedback and suggestions, based on my rich experience and knowledge around topics like Business and Technology, with a special focus on the area of Web 2.0 and Social Media. I am experienced in helping others understand modern technology and improve their business / daily lives.

Often heard compliments from clients are:
“Thanks! Finally I am able to understand this!” to
“Hmmm, never thought of that” or “Wow, never saw it that way”.

How much do you charge

I usually work on either a project or a retainer basis as I believe this is the fairest option for both sides. When working with me it is not about how much time we spend together, but how much you benefit from this. You have access to my knowledge and my experience which I have build over the years.

Please contact me with your request and let’s find out if we can work something out. If it is not a match, I will happily provide you with some other contacts which might be more suited for your projects.

My background:

I have been on the net for nearly 20 years, starting with BTX in ’88, a bit Compuserve and then in 95 I discovered the love of the Internet for me. Since then I have been activly involved in the German scene and since 2002 I have also branched out into the English sphere where I found my true belonging. I have a degree in science / tech and have worked in a major corporation for 15 years – 3 years combined study / education, 3 years in Global IT and 9 years being the technical side of the controlling team.

Shortly after entering the net space I was asked to do trainings and seminars, this lead to moonlighting where I did consulting  + training mostly for SMB who wanted to start using the Internet in ’98. After visiting my first ever conference in ’05 I realized that my place is somewhere different and I quit my job and started to do consulting on my own in the middle of 2006.

Since then I have been involved in several projects, expanded what I do on the net as well as published my first book about Twitter.  I love working with people and help them get successful, especially through the use of social software.