With all these different outlets on the web it is always good to have one space in which one can collect all information. Although this means yet another web site to look after. ;)

If you read German, you might enjoy my articles on my German blog about Online Marketing, Content Marketing and anything else involving tactics and smart working:

Nicole Simon - Business Taktiken für den digitalen Alltag.


If you want to read more of my stuff I use google plus for longer texts, twitter and facebook to different degrees – and yes I do post about this social media stuff. :)

By trade I am a author / blogger / consultant with a focus on what I call digital craftsmanship and tactics, meaning I am working with clients on how to use these tools properly (setup, workflows, procedures, etc) and do analysis and assessments. I publish in German and English and am known for my hands on and practical advise and training.

Last year I worked as Head of Community Management & Blogger Relations at the blogmarketing company blogfoster. If you want to know about German Bloggers make connections with European bloggers, let’s have a chat!

No doubt: Berlin is the startup capital of Europe. In order to help the ecosystem I run the Berlin Startup Jobs facebook groups with over 30K memners total (Job offers of Berlin startups, internships and student jobs, for hire) and also moderate the main community group.

I am also mentoring for Google Launchpad, hub:raum (Deutsche Telekom) and Berlin Geekettes.

»It was very challenging to answer your questions at the last Startup Weekend where we pitched DubDuck! I would like to keep in touch and learn from your experience in the future.« Diogo Alves

You can hire me for project work as well as full time / part time in the areas of running Social Media, Community Management and Operations – and yes, I know how to build reporting systems too.

My customers are diverse due to my background and experiences: corporate as well as SMB and of course startups. With 30 years in computers and 15 years in the corporate world I have a deep understanding of both tech and business and can work with any size of business, understanding the needs of small businesses as much as the requirements of bigger corporation.

 »You are generous with your knowledge and our one day session had me profoundly visualize my on-line business model in a manner that I believe saved me at least one years worth of growing pains.« João Duarte, The Strategy Guy